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New School Project

Building a new elementary school facility and beyond.
st anthony capital campaign

We are at the beginning of an exciting new endeavor to build a new elementary school facility for Preschool – 5th grade students. This will be Phase One in a larger 3-phase project.


St. Anthony Catholic School is a diverse community that promotes the dignity and respect of all people in the teachings of the Catholic Church and prepares students to be faith-filled individuals, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Our mission is fulfilled when students are connected to the adults, institutions, and experiences needed to develop the knowledge, skills, maturity, and sense of purpose required to live meaningful lives as adults through the lens of Love, Learn,Serve.


St. Anthony prepares its students for the future by laying a solid foundation for success beyond 8th grade. St. Anthony’s alumni are prepared emotionally, spiritually, academically, physically, and mentally for the challenges that lie ahead. Because of the support and connectedness received through the St. Anthony community, students pursue their dreams with confidence and conviction.

“While my children were at St. Anthony, they at times struggled academically, but the teachers pushed them to be their best in a loving way. Although we never love to struggle, I can honestly say the academics in high school are easy for my kids due to the way St. Anthony prepared them. And it was not just the Academics, it was also the social and emotional growth. Simply put, they prepared mychildren for life. And for that, I am forever grateful.”
– Chris Turley, Parent of Alum


Our campaign will provide staff and students with essential learning spaces and technology to further this vision while maintaining our student to teacher ratios that are in the best interest of the child. This campaign will ensure that local families and children will have access to Christ-centered Catholic education for years to come. St. Anthony is dedicated to support each student’s individual growth by implementing structures to meet each student where they are.  The focus is to encourage their own personal social, emotional and academic achievement.

The elementary school facility for students Preschool – 5th grade is the biggest and first phase that will be our primary focus until it is completed. Our goal is to begin construction in 2022.

This will be a smaller renovation of the middle school building to add 21st century science labs and additional flexible classroom space.

This final project brings the addition of a second, additional multi-purpose building to provide more event space and a second commercial kitchen. This will help meet the needs of many groups who currently compete to host events in our current spaces.


The campaign is just getting started, and we are still in the preliminary stages, reaching out to key contributors and drawing final conclusions from a community-wide feasibility study. Our team is also putting the finishing touches on a formal Case for Support presentation that will hold the mission and purpose of the project through all three phases of the campaign.

If you would like to get involved, we are looking for dedicated members of our parish and school communities to participate in several committees as we move further into the fundraising process.

Please reach out to Development Director, Katie Marreel.
PH: 503-639-4179 ext. 122