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Know His Word, Know Your Faith

Embark on a New Journey… to know Jesus, His Word, and our Faith, by reading the Bible and Catechism in a year. This might seem like a large, overwhelming task because after all, the Bible and Catechism are two very big books! However, when read daily in bite-sized sections, reading the Bible and Catechism only takes about 20 minutes.  

Bible and Catechism Study Guide




How does this work?

The guide to  “Daily Scripture & Catechism Devotional flyer has each day’s readings already set up. You may start at any time. The readings are divided up into different sections of the Bible and the Catechism—so there is variety in your daily reading.

What if I miss some days?

Don’t let that be a discouragement! Simply pick up where you left off and continue. Keep in mind, we are on a long adventure!

But I have a difficult time sticking to a task. Is this really something for me?

Yes, this is for you! A good suggestion is to form a group, even as small as two people. Camraderie is a great way to encourage one another to stay on course. A group also helps when understanding what you’re reading. You can read together or alone, but knowing someone else is reading too can keep us accountable.

What about couples reading together? Or families?

Excellent idea! There is great potential to strengthen one another’s walk with Christ and marriage. Some couples have done this for years, reading through and discovering something new each time. Reading as a family is a great way to walk in our faith together. When children see their parents reading Scripture, they will be encouraged to read it too.

What do I need to embark on this new journey?

A Bible, a Catechism, and a Flyer.

Bible: We recommend The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) which is the version authorized by the US Bishops for use at Mass.  If you would like to purchase a Bible, we recommend this one from Amazon.
If you would like to read the Bible online, find it on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) site.

Catechism: Catechism of the Catholic Church Revised and Numbered can be purchased on Amazon or read online on the USCCB site.

Flyer: You may pick up a paper copy in the church or a the Parish office. The flyer is provided here as well. ​