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Liturgical Ministry

Art & Environment

Altar Care / Church Cleaning / Launder Purificators and Altar Linens

  • Flower Arranging and Maintenance
  • Seasonal Preparation and Liturgical Art

On a weekly basis, Art and Environment of the Liturgical space includes church cleaning, the laundering of purificators and altar linens, flower arranging and maintenance of plants.

Seasonal preparation of the Liturgical space proceeds each liturgical season especially the seasons of Christmas and Easter. Liturgical Art is the preparation banners and other art forms (designing and making); and, the sewing and alteration of altar cloths, banners, etc.

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Extra-Ordinary Minister of Communion (Eucharistic Minister)

A Minister of Communion is a Catholic lay person, male or female, high school youth and/or adults who have received the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. Ministers serve at Sunday Masses, holy days and special feasts. Training and ongoing formation is provided.

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Minister of Welcome (Usher/Greeter)

The role of the Minister of Welcome is to provide a welcoming environment, take up the collection, see that the gifts of bread and wine are brought to the altar, and handle various situations that might arise. Training is provided. High school youth and adults are welcome.

Minister of the Word (Lector)

The Word of God strongly and clearly proclaimed is critical to the spiritual growth of the community. The strong spiritual faith of the minister is revealed through the simple, natural, delivery of the word. To participate one must be an active parishioner, take part in an orientation and ongoing training. High School youth and adults are welcome.

Procedures for Ministers of the Word

Music Ministry

St. Anthony Catholic Community offers a wide variety of music ministry opportunities. From contemporary to traditional our goal is to participate, lead and serve in the Divine Liturgy; the “source and summit” of our lives. We strive to constantly grow in our spiritual lives and musical abilities while retaining the rich tradition of our Church’s history. We turn to God in prayer and ask for strength to be good stewards of this gift he has given us so that we may serve our community in humility and truth, by example and prayer.

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Opportunities include:

  • English Traditional and Children’s Choirs
  • English Contemporary Ensembles
  • Cantor and Worship Leaders
  • Spanish Adult and Children’s Choirs
  • Vietnamese Choir

For more information please contact Nichlas Schaal at or 503-639-4179 ext.125

Liturgical Ministry Training

Ministers of the Word  
       Fridays @ 6:30pm on 3/24; 6/23; 9/29; 12/15
   Saturdays @ 9:30am on 3/27; 6/24; 9/30; 12/16
Ministers of Welcome  
       Fridays @ 6:30pm on 2/24; 5/19; 8/25; 11/17
   Saturdays @ 9:30am on 2/25; 5/20; 8/26; 11/18
Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Communion  
       Fridays @ 6:30pm on 1/27; 4/21; 7/28; 10/27
   Saturdays @ 9:30am on 1/28; 4/22; 7/29; 10/28

Altar Servers

An Altar Server is one of the first ministries available to Parish youth, grade 4 and older, who have received the sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist. Through this experience the server will obtain a better appreciation and understanding of the Mass through more active participation. Parent and child teams are welcome. Training is provided.

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