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Fellowship Ministry

Do you enjoy meeting people?  Do you enjoy talking with people?  Ministry opportunities abound in the Ministry of Fellowship.  Simply click on the link and check the date and time.  You will receive an email two days before to remind you. Contact Gerlinde at:  503-639-4179  ext. 122 or email at:

Signing up is as easy as clicking on:    Fellowship Ministry Signup

Funeral Reception Ministry

This important ministry helps families during their time of grief, by allowing them to know that we are there to serve and support them as a parish family.  If you enjoy meeting and talking to people, working with food, flowers and displays of family mementos, your services would be an act of mercy and grace to these families. Contact Mariaelena at 503-639-4179 Ext. 0 or email at:

Homebound Ministry

When an individual is unable to attend Sunday mass due to a prolong illness, injury or age related difficulties, parish volunteers bring the Eucharist to them. Volunteers gather on Thursday morning in the parish office before daily mass at 8:30 am for a moment of prayer. Following mass volunteers make home visits. Homebound Ministers who are unable to meet on Thursday can take the Eucharist to individuals at a more convenient day and time.
Contact: Gerlinde Lamer, 503-639-4179 ext. 122, or Diane Bohan, 503-799-5752,

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Love of knitting and crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace. Many blessings are worked into each shawl. Each shawl begins with prayer for the recipient who may be an adult or child. Intentions are continued throughout its creation.
Contact: Lynn Stevens, 503-590-2896 or e-mail Mary Saunders at:

Praying for Vocations

Praying for vocations within our own families (which includes marriage or being single) is a ministry of our faith.  I am inviting you to be a part of this ministry. You will receive a tote at the end of the mass you have signed up for.   Inside the tote is a handmade wooden cross that is for this prayer ministry.  The tote also has in it a pocket folder with prayers that can be used to pray for vocation or you can use your own.Questions?  Please contact Gerlinde at

Signing up is as easy as clicking on:    Praying for Vocations Ministry Signup

Vocations Committee

Vocations Committee members promote our calling as baptized people to the vocations of the priesthood, diaconate, religious life, marriage or the single life.
Contact Toni Stotts, 503-579-3550,