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Life, Peace & Justice

St. Anthony’s Life, Justice and Peace commission, grounded in prayer, scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, seeks to educate the members of the parish community to respect the dignity of every human being and motivate them to work for the common good. We endeavor to develop opportunities for    members of the parish and the wider community to effectively address issues of serious human concern and become a catalyst for justice and peace at home and around the globe.  Contact: Gerlinde Lamer


Our faith community will be sponsoring a shopping day for families in need on Saturday December 16th.   Many volunteers and donations are needed.  For your convenience the opportunities to serve and to donate have been put into sign up genius.   Simply click on the links that follow:

Donation needs for men and boys

 Donation needs for women and girls

 Donation needs of toys, wrapping paper, hams and turkeys

 Volunteer opportunities