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Ministry for Seniors

The Ministry for Seniors at St. Anthony Catholic community seeks to support and engage Seniors through ongoing Faith Formation, Fellowship and Service Opportunities.


Eucharist for the Homebound

Our faith community wants to bring the Eucharist to those individuals who are either temporarily or permanently homebound.  If you, a family member or neighbor is homebound and would like to stay connected to our faith community by receiving the Eucharist in your home or care facility please fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you to make the appropriate arrangements.

Home Bound Ministry Request

Prayer Requests:

Do you have a prayer request that you would like our faith community to pray for? Simply click on the button and follow the instructions.   

My Prayer Request

Faith Formation Opportunities

Sundays at 9:45 am in Francis Hall join us as we study the prophets.  You can purchase a book for $23.95 which also gives you access to view the videos during the week (in between classes) or you can attend without purchasing a book. To order your book email or call 503-639-4179 ext. 122.


Tuesday Morning Book Group: Join us after daily mass (approx. 9 am ) in the gathering space for a time of fellowship and to discuss

Making Sense Out of Suffering Paperback by Peter KreeftTo request your copy email or call 503-639-4179 ext. 122


Volunteer/Ministry Opportunity

Our faith community will be sponsoring a shopping day for families in need on Saturday December 16th.   Many volunteers and donations are needed.  For your convenience the opportunities to serve and to donate have been put into sign up genius.   Simply click on the links that follow:

Donation needs for men and boys

Donation needs for women and girls

 Donation needs of toys, wrapping paper, hams and turkeys

Volunteer opportunities


Senior Moment. Embracing our senior years can be especially tricky for younger seniors who must decide whether to live either in denial or undeterred by their fading youth.  The senior years of our life have less to do with the number of candles on a cake or even our physique and more to do with the depth of our relationship with God.  Those who are becoming “young seniors” must decide whether to spend time foolishly in denial that they are now seniors or to live their life undeterred by a cultural attitude about aging.  The more that younger seniors live in denial, the more they shoot themselves (and fellow seniors who are even older) in the foot.   Seniors are People Too! Exceptional Ministry with Seniors in a Youth-focused Culture by J.D. Moseley