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Ministry for Seniors

The Ministry for Seniors at St. Anthony Catholic community seeks to support and engage Seniors through ongoing Faith Formation, Fellowship and Service Opportunities.


Join us for the following presentation:

“Take Steps to Prevent Falls” by Trauma Nurses Talk Tough at 10 am in O’Reilly hall.  Following the presentation all are invited to celebrate All Saints with Mass at Noon.

Take the Right Step Flyer (4).pub


Eucharist for the Homebound

Our faith community wants to bring the Eucharist to those individuals who are either temporarily or permanently homebound.  If you, a family member or neighbor is homebound and would like to stay connected to our faith community by receiving the Eucharist in your home or care facility please fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you to make the appropriate arrangements.

Home Bound Ministry Request

Prayer Requests:

Do you have a prayer request that you would like our faith community to pray for? Simply click on the button and follow the instructions.   

My Prayer Request


Senior Moment: “In former agrarian societies, a person could be considered wise or as having wisdom simply by living through the seasons.  With the many changes in our world today – especially in the areas of technology, telecommunications, and information- younger people often seem to have more knowledge.  Where does this leave the older adult? How are older adults in our society viewed as having wisdom today? I believe that the answer lies not so much in technological or scientific knowledge as in spiritual knowledge.  Older adults have the potential to grow in mature faith, to deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This experience is wisdom.” Richard H. Gentzler Jr. Designing An Older Adult Ministry