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Pastor’s Corner

Henderson John 2015 2016


February 17, 2019


Today we have four blessings and four curses. This is very different from Matthew’s Gospel of the Beatitudes. Luke presents only four blessings, much more drastic than Mathew. “Blessed are you poor, you who hunger and weep, and when people hate you.  Luke also presents the opposite: Woe to you who are rich, filled now, laugh now and when people speak well of you.

We are called to reflect on what Jesus has to offer, what it means to be blessed and what the world has to offer, what it means to be cursed. Today we have a very strong invitation to follow Jesus or follow what the world has to offer.  To be poor is to let go of everything and realize that our treasure is with God. Nothing should distract us from allowing God to be the very center of our being.

This past week I witnessed a very special man, Henry Roshak, 98 years old, called by God. His whole life was truly a witness of faith. His whole life he realized that God was above everything.  God has blessed him.

This would be an excellent reflection to help all of us prepare for the Lenten season. It is a great gospel to help us live authentic lives. Remember our desire is to move from stagnant believers to dynamic disciples. Blessed or cursed, the choice is yours!

Have a great week!

Your friend

Fr. John