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Pastor’s Corner

Henderson John 2015 2016September 8, 2019

Greetings,   I hope you are well and I pray that you are happy.  For the longest time I have had trouble with watching my weight. I now have a counselor helping me on a weekly basis. It is working and I am losing weight. But I have to tell you it takes much self discipline and an eagerness to improve my health.  At our baptism each of us was called to be a child of God. With the sacrament of baptism however it does not end there. It takes a lot of discipline to grow in faith and embrace discipleship. Our life with Christ spurs us on to be open to God’s will for us and each day we must take an inventory of our lifestyle. Each week we should spend time with the best counselor of all, Jesus Christ. No appointment is necessary. Whether you are married, a priest, a religious, a single person or a catholic it takes much work and dedication.  We must take our lives in Christ seriously. There is no time to fool around. Real commitment calls for sacrifice. I must say however, we do not have to do this alone. As a community we encourage one another and we help one another. People are encouraging me on taking care of myself we must do the same regarding our spiritual life.  To grow in discipline we need to have a purpose, to live an uncluttered life, to grow in humility, to seek forgiveness and to remain faithful. Have a great week and be sure of my prayers.

Your friend 

Fr. John