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Pastor’s Corner

Henderson John 2015 2016

December 10, 2017                           The Second Week of Advent


St. John the Baptist must have been a very powerful and dynamic person. He definitely did not think of himself and his own needs. His focus was on the one who was coming and dedicated his life to bringing others to Jesus. Prepare the way of the Lord.

This past October I was at the Jordan River and I was picturing all the people coming to John the Baptist, repenting. I was reflecting on John pouring water on others and letting everyone know that, “One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals.”

Advent is about letting go and preparing the way for one who is mightier. Advent is about talking with others, just like John the Baptist, to bring others to the Lord. Come and be baptized! Come and learn about Jesus! Come and hear the good news!

We must proclaim the Word with humility and faithfulness. Jesus must be above everything else in our life. Others must see a genuine disciple of Jesus in each of us. We call others to what we ourselves treasure. John the Baptist was the real thing and believed what he preached.

We must actively engage in inviting others to our way of life. John the Baptist invited others to be baptized. Are we letting others know to prepare the way? Who has come to church because of our personal invitation? To be honest, our RCIA should be filled with individuals wanting to be baptized or come into full communion. This will only happen if we are all doing our job, like John the Baptist, to bring others to Christ. This responsibility is not just for me or my staff. We cannot also sit back hoping someone will just show up. I always ask the person seeking Baptism, “Who invited you to come?”

Let’s be eager about our faith and especially eager about inviting others to join us on the journey. Have a great week!

Your friend,

 Fr. John