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Pastor’s Corner

Henderson John 2015 2016

October 21, 2018


It is important that we move from self-promotion to servant-leadership. We look at ourselves and ask what does it mean to be great? Our ultimate desire is to be with our Lord forever in the glory of heaven. That is what James and John wanted. They wanted to sit on Jesus’ right and left in the kingdom. That is great news however they were wrapped up in their head rather than their heart.

For many people greatness is about the self; me, myself and I! Many want to be on top, perhaps to show off or just be in control. This form of greatness is very dangerous.

Jesus wants all of us to be eager about heaven. But for Jesus, greatness is about servanthood, It is about lifting up the other and it is about true humility. Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that you and I could be lifted up in glory. It is only in our reaching out to others and taking the lowest spot at the table that we will find true greatness.

St. Mother Teresa lived among the poorest of the poor. She embraced the sufferings and pains of the weakest. Today, I am sure Mother Teresa is sitting in the first row in heaven. St. Francis of Assisi, stripped himself of all of his worldly possessions. There is no doubt he is great in the kingdom of heaven.

My friends, it is my prayer that we all have that ambition for the front row in heaven but we also know that to get there we must let go of earthly ambitions and not focus on our big heads but on our servant hearts. I’m sure Jesus was very excited about James and John’s desire to sit on the right and left of Christ in his glory but they had to be willing to embrace the suffering that Jesus would endure.

Do not let false ambition hinder you from seeking real glory.

Have a great week! Your friend,

Fr. John