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Pastor’s Corner

Henderson John 2015 2016

October 12 , 2017


I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. This Monday, 15 parishioners, Fr. Gary Zeer and myself will be travelling to Jordan and the Holy Land for 12 days and 10 nights. This will be part one, letting you know where I will be this first week of the journey.

October 17 Arrive at Amman Jordan International Airport. The time in that part of the world is 10 hours ahead. We arrive at 11:55 PM, that is 1:55 PM Portland time.

October 18, after breakfast we will head for Madaba, Jordon. Madaba is  known for its 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. We will ascend to Mount Nebo which  is an elevated ridge in Jordan. This place is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land.

October 19, we will spend the day in Petra, the archaeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert. Dating to around 300 B.C., it was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. It is called the rose city because it was excavated totally in the red rock of the mountain.  At the end of the day we will travel back to Amman Jordan.

October 20, after breakfast we will travel 30 miles north to Jerash in Jordan. It is considered one of the largest and most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture in the world outside Italy. We will visit a large number of temples and the remains of several Byzantine churches.  We will then transfer to Sheick Hussein Bridge, the crossing point between Jordan and Israel. It is here that we will meet a new guide and continue to Tiberias for dinner and overnight.

October 21, after breakfast we will leave for Cana of Galilee. This is where the first miracle of Jesus occurred. It is here that I will bless all of our married couples. And pray for all married couples in our parish community. From here we will travel to Nazareth and start a walking tour from Mary’s Fountain to the Basilica of the Annunciation for a visit to Mary’s House, the Upper Basilica, the Museum and the church of the Holy family.

In the afternoon, we will leave for Haifa and then ascend to Mount Carmel, passing by the Persian Gardens of the Bahai sect. Here we will visit the church of Stella Maris which is the birthplace of the Carmelite Order which contains a natural grotto of the prophet Elijah. After that it is back to Tiberias for a wonderful dinner and overnight stay.

Stayed tune for more excitement…  Have a great week!

Your friend,

  Fr. John