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St. Anthony Music Ministry Vision and Goals for 2019/2020

Music Ministry Mission

to become, foster, and grow Dynamic Disciples

Believes, Grows (in Jesus), Gathers, Loves, Leads (others to Jesus)

Why is music ministry important?

  • Help Parishioners Praise and Pray
  • Engages and invites more fully into the celebration of the liturgy
  • Create an environment of receptivity to the Holy Spirit
  • Extension of Scriptural tradition
  • Expression of God’s Love
  • Evangelize
  • “Paint God’s words on their heart”
  • Create a welcoming space. Good music can draw people like a magnet, but bad music…
  • Music is its own language, sung prayer
  • Music is powerful, can lead people closer to god, can also push people away.
  • Lifts up the congregation, allows them to participate if they want
  • Enhances Mass (meaningful music)
  • Interwoven to life, personal and communal
  • Transcendent union with God and others
  • Universal language, no need to speak the same language to understand
  • Those serving are part of the vision, acting on their baptismal call
  • All belong to the body of Christ, music helps us live out our priestly call to participate, pray and praise in the liturgy.

Why do we do Music Ministry?

  • We love music, enjoy making it
  • The joy of Service to church and God
  • Communication to the Parish/outreach
  • A different form of performing
  • Help people worship
  • To find the stillness in ourselves
  • To connect with God and others in the moment
  • Calms my spirit
  • Help people connect
  • Being part of the collective energy
  • To pray
  • Singing in harmony
  • Fosters deeper love for the liturgy
  • How we do music and the quality
  • Collective energy (synergy)


Goals for the Year     


  • Contact and reach out to lapsed choir members. Particularly those who are in assitsed living facilities.
  • Find times to discuss our faithoutsideofrehearsal
    • Meet 3-4 times a year
    • St. Ambrose Ensemble-Monday at 6PM
    • St. Anthony Choir-rotate between Wednesday’s at 6PM and after 8:30AM Mass.
  • Silence before mass
    • Please refrain from talking in the sanctuary 15 minutes before the beginning of mass. (10 minutes for 7AM, and 8:30AM)
    • If you would like to talk, please feel free to go to hallway or coffee shop.
  • A call for more volunteers
    • Date: October 12/13
    • Be specific at each mass on what we are looking for
    • Use language of stewardship. “Has God given you a talent for music. Have you thought about sharing your talent with him and your community.”
  • Clarify set up/tech duties
    • All particpants help in setting up sound system
    • Also help in tidying up equipment
    • Put extra stands to side in lowest position
    • Please try to arrive on time so set up is not left to the same people each week
    • Find a large plant to go in front of the piano and block cables
    • 5PM, 11AM, 7PM. Arrive 1 Hour before mass. 1st 15 minutes are dedicated to set up. rehearsal/sound check runs from 45-15 minutes before mass. Silence for last 15 minutes before mass.
    • 8:30AM. Arrive at 8AM and set up and rehearse/sound check. Silence starting at 8:20.
  • Move old Piano back into the church


  • More participation/musicians-singers



  • Find a few more singers to trade off cantor roles/or collaborate


  • Master Class with choir/vocal clinician


  • Work on getting a few more mebers to insure a more constistant sound.


  • Find some more instruments/male singers.